why do you always find yourself in places that you’d rather not be in, doing things you’d rather not do, feeling what you’d rather not feel. i’m sitting at my desk at 330am, just finished rewriting my mergers and acquisitions homework, feeling a little bit tired on all aspects of being. i need just a little push to keep me going.. this day has gone pretty sour. am performing mediocerly, and i just feel crappy. but i know this is because i’ve been expecting more from myself. bahh. its the last semester. who gives a shit?

deb called me today. i miss that girl! although the sneaky little schmuck did assign me to speak at the beta gamma sigma induction ceremony.. i wish i’d had the chance to hang out with her more, she’s totally rad. but alas, all the shitload that we have to take care of on top of the already mounting carcass of shit that just seems to popup from fucking nowhere. ahhh. life. doesn’t it smell funny?

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