huh?good morning! denise is visiting from the states. if you want to see the cutest child on earth, visit us! only until christmas, manila friends!

back to normal programming. i try to write these days, but everything just comes out as gibberish. i feel like i’m just dictating random tidbits of trivial day to day nonsense. not that i haven’t been doing that ever since, but i just feel so held back in a way. almost as if my posts are mr. donuts instead of krispy kreme. i read over my entries from loyola, and it was fun reading them, albeit even more fun writing. i guess these are the caveats of being trapped in the citibank building. college had its crazy moments from time to time.. i guess its time to shake things up in the office, hehe.

had lunch with joy and pattie today. funny when they mentioned that their (ex for pat) boyfriends couldn’t study when they fought them. and not like they were in normal school – the poor schmucks are in law. povedans? ohh, trouble. haha ;) kidding. sort of.

i spent the weekend hanging out with old friends and new ones. i went with my bestfriend cyrus to look for pants that would actually fit. we both got girl jeans cos they fit so damn well.. i guess that makes me metrosexual. later on, alexis showed me the ropes of how to get girls to sit on your lap. oh the things you learn from your friends!

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  1. kerrie

    Hey :) I was looking through LJ calvin comments from awhile back and your picture intrigued me so I thought I’d check out your website too… I just wanted to let you know your niece is adorable! :)


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