the weather is getting really chilly now. i cannot remember when its been this cold in manila.

i just came back from the usual tapika tuesday. its late, i’m tired, and i have work tomorrow. is this what life is about?

what are our reasons?

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  1. ponts

    I guess life is also about not writing to your friends anymore. HUMPH!! how quickly we forget.

  2. Anonymous

    its late, i’m tired, I still have to work on school projects then I have to go to school after another sleepless night. :o(

  3. lovine

    how cold is it now in virginia? ;)

    ponts, where have you been? are you getting your toe sucked in claremont like tiger is up north? jk. you guys are kooks.

  4. ponts

    YOU FART. Absolutely no toe sucking going on here…that’s disgusting. Perhaps you should ask the China doll if you can suck her toe…maybe then she’ll agree to be your “trophy girlfriend”.

  5. andrea

    i got to agree with alana – you have forgotten all about the people you once knew in california – we miss you lots – will you show us a sign that you miss us to – when do you come back so we can make out.

  6. Ponts

    THANK YOU, ANDREA! That’s why I love this girl, she knows what i’m talking about. You can lick a dog’s butt, Lovine. You’ve forgotten your friends back here and have turned into a corporate robot…HAHAA!!


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