you know those slightly awkward moments when there are only two of you waiting for an elevator to arrive at your floor? and it happens that the other person is a girl who’s kinda cute? fine, right. the both of us wait a couple of moments, trying to avoid eye contact, but of course i sneak in a little peek or two to see if she’s really cute. not bad! *ping* an elevator comes, and the both of us get in. i press the 15th, but for some reason it wouldn’t light up, so being stubborn, i keep on pressing it, and then i notice that she’s looking at me like what the fuck are you doing you retard. well not really, but thats what it felt like. and then i realized i AM on the 15th!. oops. so i give her a sheepish grin and shrug my shoulders.

mental constipation. where am i supposed to be headed? ah, i think its the 12th! alas, shes headed there too.. we both get out of the elevator, and she opens the door with her access card, and i realize that i’m on the wrong floor cos “human resources” isn’t etched on the glass like its supposed to be. my face contorts like it always does when i get caught off guard, and blurt out “whoops! excuse me where’s human resources??”.. “oh that’s on the 14th!”.

score! lovine is an idiot and a half!

of course i run into her again later on that day in the elevator, on my way down to steal a little snack at mcdonalds with pattie and francis. i tapped her arm and said “don’t worry i won’t get lost anymore. :)”

oh yeah right. who am i kidding! ;)

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  1. Tete

    Oh my god! Pati ba naman sa building na supposedly you work in, nawawala ka pa?!?! You ARE my brother…HAHAHA!!!


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