it’s funny looking at my reflection in the elevator going up to work, all donned up in slacks and leather shoes. it’s a turnaround from my long haired beatnik bum existence a few weeks ago. although i miss my shirt jeans and asics, for some reason i kinda enjoy being dressed up. i think its cos i haven’t dressed up in so long. almost everyone in loyola went around in flip flops. i foresee that i’ll be so sick of the getup in a couple of months, but hey, i guess i’ll just take things as they come.

i’m getting a clearer gist of work, and a lot of things are starting to make sense. jimbo is on leave for two weeks, so we’ve been bugging roy with a shitload of phonecalls just to verify that what i’m doing is right. roy was saying something before he left, something like “the bank won’t crumble into pieces because of your mistakes.” he has a point, although i don’t really want to find out for myself.

i’ve been meeting and hanging out with different people the past few weeks, and its lovely. things are just steady as they are. although i wish i could get more sleep. i like napping. i miss napping. zzzz..

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