happy birthday, mother dearest! we had dinner last friday at makati- the traffic was horrendous, it was raining, and there was no parking. on top of that, i had panic attacks finding my way through the urban jungle to joy’s house, who was my pseudo-date for the dinner. you won’t believe me when i say its exaggerated, the mere logistics of finding her house. i swear to god its in the middle of timbuktu. that aside, and half a liter of gin pom later, everything was all good. later on that night i went to dangwa and bought a shitload of flowers for my mom. i’d take pictures of them but its too hot outside in the living room.

last night hung out with the old comrades. plans of an out of town this weekend are in the works. we can’t believe its been 8 years since COCC-COLT training days. and now we whore ourselves to MNCs and banks.. ugh.

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  1. joy the girl from timbuktu

    yes i live in timbuktu. but who cares? if you’re my friend like lovine, you’ll find your way through the urban jungle. hehehe. that dinner was sumptuous thanks to Masas! Quite ironic though, it was raining like hell that night but there was such a DROUGHT! But what the heck, tessa and maurice plus a bunch of crazy friends definitely made my night!


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