i have this chronic cough that won’t go away, and its annoying the hell out of me. i haven’t been to a doctor in the longest time, and i think its about time i visit one. too bad my doctor doesn’t have a nice ass like my dentists’. how i wish i had a toothache instead. you can never win them all, i guess.

work has been swell. roy has been taking me around and explaining everything in detail. he leaves on friday, and after that, its all me. i’m just scared of majorly screwing something over, which isn’t impossible to happen. and that would suck cos it wouldn’t just inconvenience me, but would screw a shitload of people over, inside and outside the company. mistakes done a few months ago creep back here and there to haunt the project. well, i’m keeping my eyes open and i hope i’m not one of those mistakes!

met up with ateneo law friends for dinner. it was a good laugh about how women are just.. trouble, in short.

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