today was my first day at citibank. lots of stuff going on, i’ll need a crash course on the systems that they use and SOPs to wet my feet. good thing the guy i’m replacing is roy, my good friend, and he’s showing me the ropes. i think hes stressing out cos he has to figure out how to help me make sense of everything in a span of a week. well, i guess we’re both fucked over. yayy! i’ll discuss more later, who would want to get bored with details of work? eww.

it was enzos birthday earlier today, and we watched BC at tapika. that’s him singing with the band. hahahaha! well i have work tomorrow morning. cheers. here’s a great shot for tonight: click me.

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  1. GP

    hey!!… good job man! you found work… now if joey, david and i could find something….

  2. Ponts (aka Alana)

    Lovine, now that you have a stable job, we can get married! ;) hahaha! I’m happy for you!

  3. andrea

    Congrats dude – you stopped being a bum – welcome to the real world it sucks big time – enjoy :)


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