Countdown to What are You Doing

There is exactly a week before Coachella starts.

Happy days in 2008!

I’ve been worried about the weather. It’s weird. I usually don’t like the summer season, since unnecessary sweating bothers me. But I find myself re-checking the weather forecast every few days and finding that this year’s Coachella looks AT LEAST 30 degrees cooler than all the previous years I’ve been. What is happening!? What will it be like without the death-defying heatwave that makes you spend all your money on lemonade and seek shelter getting fire hosed by the Do Lab freaks?? Will it ever be the same?! And never in my wildest dreams would I think of finding myself wanting to be scorched bone dry in the desert. It just won’t be the same without pain!

I need a beer. I spent too many hours again underneath the bus. I finally hooked up the heater control boxes and tried valiantly to set the control cable. Am learning some obvious lessons on how to pay attention to detail and becoming more thorough in your work and analysis, which of course manifests itself at the 11th hour when you realize that a few things have already gone wrong. After awhile, I eventually managed to stick one heat exchanger up into the exhaust heads, but quickly realized that there is an unwanted dent in one of fresh air channels from the engine fan that is preventing a flap from opening completely. I’ll have to hammer it out tomorrow. Not like I have any more time to dilly dally – I need to get this shit together and still pass by the shop to get my EGR filter welded back on in time for her maiden summer voyage of 2010.

As my dad asked for the umpteenth time tonight, “What are you doing??”

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