i feel like a loser. i expect more from myself, but i always end up somewhat stalling, hesitating, and just losing momentum. 7 months of bumming! i’d be glad if i were doing something rad, like travelling and what not. but i dunno. grass is always greener i guess.

anyway. i wokeup at 4am, and couldn’t go back to sleep. personal issues. 3 hours of sleep, and i have another interview in a couple of hours. i’m off to get breakfast for a change, in my frikkin cute yellow necktie. haha!

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  1. Ponts

    Well, what I SHOULD have said was…Can I be a “Professional Bum” for Halloween?? I love you!:)

  2. Ponts

    Dude, I used to swim competitively, I can pull of the speedos. I’ll wear a full piece as opposed to the skanktified tight ones you manage to pull on. And I am cute! *SNORT*


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