The Couch

It’s been almost two months since Kat moved out of her old apartment. After weeks and weeks of searching, Kat and I found the winning couch this afternoon at a store called Denmark 50 along Melrose. There were a lot of close calls the past few weeks in choosing the right couch, but it eventually dawned on us that choosing a couch is a serious commitment that warrants extensive soul searching, sort of like scoping out a potential long-term relationship and not like haphazardly choosing a drunken one-night-stand at the local pub. It’s easy to fall in love, but it definitely makes more sense to do your homework in order to keep the love everlasting.

And so (just like the 4 other couches that came before it, hehe) we knew at once that the mustard mid-century modern piece from Denmark was the one. Pictures when we get her home next weekend :)

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