just got back from tali beach last night with the boys. for the short amount of time that we were out of the city, i sure did eat a lot. boy, for someone very small, i have to admit that i even surprise myself with how much i can devour. my eating habits are so sporadic!

it was nice to get out of the city and wade in the warm pacific ocean. its nice to be with my old friends and piss everyone off by having annoying side comments to everything they say. its nice to just eat like there’s no tomorrow and fall asleep into a pig.. its nice to just have fun, without having the need to be intoxicated. and…. its nice not to have any work! shit, i’m a mega-bum extraordinaire. i think fungus will soon start to sprout from the crevices of my vegetating brain.

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  1. andrea

    if you were in the states then may be we could make out – but you are so far away – so you will have to make out with me in your dreams. :)

  2. andrea

    Sure – take pictures and then you can make out with lovine and I will take pictures of the 2 of U :)

  3. lovine

    oh stop getting my hopes up. especially you andrea, you’re such a tease. i’ve been trying to get you drunk the whole semester so you can makeout with me but its always ME who gets drunk and bangs my head on either your damn floor or your stupid coffee table. dammit! ;)

  4. Ponts

    she probably thinks you’ll bite…i don’t blame her for not allowing you to touch!! BAD!

  5. andrea

    i love the conversation – I think I should just make out with everyone – we should have a big make out party where everyone just drinks and makes out together – good times. But lovine you have to come back soon in order for that to happen. :)

  6. Ponts

    alcohol, making out…sounds great! i’m IN! for those who aren’t here, well, they don’t get to participate then…AHEM.

  7. Ponts

    When you come back…IF you come back. If not, we’ll just all have the happy, drunken memories…BAH!!

  8. andrea

    Lovine I miss you come home soon – i miss talking to you – i want to cry I miss you so much. Life sucks big time. You are the only guy who will truly love me – can we get married?

  9. lovine

    andrea, all the boys truly love you- you just don’t want to makeout with us because you’re a prude and a tease.

    but i’ll give you props, you sure do get to makeout with hot guys :) too bad i’m just cute. haha :)

    my brother is bringing me cloves from LA. i’ll think of your sexy butt everytime i light up ;)

  10. Ponts

    Who’s “Joes” and why does he want to make out with Lovine?? Is there something you’ve forgotten to mention, hmmmmm??

  11. andrea

    I MISS YOU – I want you to come back so we can drink and smoke like we did back in the day. :)

  12. some person

    do we nid reservations wen we go to tali beach? is the place some kind of a resort? thnx!


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