fear factor for dinner! can you see it? go ahead. click on the picture for an extreme closeup of what i ate tonight (that’s if you really want to know. you’ve been warned!). it tastes weird, cooked a bit bitter/sour.. it wasn’t that bad. the texture is a mixture of slightly crunchy body parts and a somewhat juicy body. its called camaro, which are actually crickets. its important to have an open mind, but i think its more essential that you have an open stomach. well, i guess they go hand in hand..

in a few hours i’m leaving for tali beach in batangas with the boys for a few days. its about time we went to the beach! hopefully there are a shitload of pretty college girls on semester break. and then they can all pat my beer belly. yeah, sure. :)

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  1. GP

    beach…pretty college girls on sem break…why did i leave!!! WHY! dammit i need to find a job…


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