Skimmer Scammer

Wow. Last week, my credit card company called to inform me of potential fraudulent activity on my card. I occasionally get these calls since I traverse frequently between SF and LA, and the agent usually explains that the nature of multiple gas transactions are flags for dubious activity.

This time, the agent tries to verify with me a $400 charge at a supermarket around Bell in East LA, and then another $500 charge at a different supermarket, and then another $500 charge. I don’t have a huge family to feed and spending $1,800 in a single day on groceries located an hour away from my house don’t float, yo.

And then I come across this today:

To be honest, I’m pretty impressed. If people can do this, imagine the other stuff they could do – legal, and otherwise. And no doubt, they’ll just get better at their game.

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