holey moley! my site is a semi-finalist to this year’s philippine web awards! i was wondering what was up with the sudden spike in hits (almost 4x the normal daily!). puh, and i thought all my friends just love and miss me! haha just kidding guys!:* i’d ask all of you to vote for me, for people’s choice.. but yeah right.. lets be realistic here. with my string of badluck, i don’t even want to know what will happen next! i’m enjoying the random good things that come along my way though. :) i’m gathering stuff for therese’s birthday on friday, hopefully everything comes out well! will post pictures if all is well! oops i forgot- my camera is busted. anyway.. cheers guys, and.. thank you :)

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  1. rick

    hi! congratulations for being a fellow semifinalist! Good luck to both of us! =)

    oh, and u have a nice site :)

  2. raffy

    dood! congrats! I was also surprised nung makita ko na kasama pala site mo sa PWA list. goodluck! =)


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