i was pulled over by kotong cops for allegedly beating the red last night on a small t-intersection along e. rodriguez. i just scratched my head at what a lousy day it had been, considering that ateneo lost to FEU a few hours before. and it didn’t help that the guy was fugly cos he only had one tooth left on his lower jaw which was already rotting as well. i was too numb to feel like bashing his face in while he stood there explaining how much of a hassle it would be for me to have my license suspended for 15 days, go through a whole-day seminar, and pay 1000php in fees for reckless driving. and so i lost 200php to grease money.. i should’ve shown him what reckless driving is, by running over his ugly ass when i had the chance.

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  1. Fil

    dude….you need to exorcize the demon or get you feng-shui recalibrated or somethin’ :)


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