the bad luck never runs out eh? so i went out to the living room to watch the big lasalle-ateneo game the other day. apparently, i managed to lock myself out of my room. even though the door was unlocked and turning, the mechanism inside the door decided to get fucked over, and nothing would budge. we had to kick the door open. i wonder what would’ve happened if i locked myself inside my room. but then again, there’s always the fire escape through the window. my feelings are already immune to bad luck, i’m too happy-go-lucky for it to bother me. besides, i think i have good karma anyway.

went out and saw some old friends today. paolo bugayong and ej solis, i miss those bastards. its high time we had a beer. good times, but i need to see those guys (and everyone else) more often. if you haven’t seen me in awhile, chances are, i miss your sorry little ass too- so call or text me, and lets go out. where the hell is everyone?!

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  1. mon

    hey, i’ve been telling you to meet up with me here at makati for lunch or dinner! hmph!


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