i’ve just received word that albert, the asian doug, is rushing for ADG (alpha delta gamma). who the hell would’ve thunk!? the 5th year super senior taking up another major in accounting.. our very own chinny chinitos, rushing for ADG?! and i heard that everyone liked him. not that there’s something wrong with people liking albert.. its just… weird. he’s one damn peculiar character (and hence my friend). the world is just turning upside down, brah. you’ll know if you knew albert. actually if i had another year at loyola, i would’ve totally rushed for ADG. that’s whats disturbing about the whole thing. i’ve also wanted to get an accounting degree. is albert my idol? … ah shiiit.

for some more normal developments, i heard that the rumors about andrea making out with her co-worker in the bathroom are apparently more than mere hearsay! cheers to the quest for truth, justice, and andrea’s way of scoring boys!! yay!!

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  1. andrea

    it is all LIES – I wish i was making out with someone – but i am not – only in my dreams. Miss you lots – come home soon – hey i hear you got braces – you must look even sexier! :)



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