this is our dog amber :)i am in shock!! for the sake of curtailing gossip i shall omit the details so bear with me and my mysteries. but what’s the point in having a blog if i can’t talk about how i feel re: finding out that one of my friends is getting married?! i almost shat my pants!! i’m totally stoked, but what bothers me is what, have i been living under a rock?! am i in a fucking time-space-warp?! this is just plain strange. funny thing is, all of this was to be expected anyway. for some reason that’s what makes it even more surprising!! all these major things going on under my nose yet outside my head! i don’t know about these kinds of jack-in-the-boxes.. when the rug is pulled from underneath you, you end up banging your head against the floor and getting concussions and possibly head trauma. now if you see me confused lately, you’ll understand.. but most probably you wouldn’t. maybe everyone i know is just growing up except for me and peter pan. oh, and other immature boys like me :)

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  1. persuasive_chic

    nice one here! hiiting ur site ang reading your stuff somewhat hits me bullseye..mmm whatever! one things for sure…you’re cool!

  2. lovine

    hey, thanks :) due to laws of transitivity, you’re cool as well because you follow my blog.. do you have one as well? :) thank you!


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