Yearly Archives: 2009

The cashier was finishing up with a customer as I opened the door of the gas station mini-mart. “Can you turn on the air for me?”, as he gave the lady her change. “I can’t. I don’t have a remote to turn it on.”. What a liar, I thought to myself, and hung around till the lady left so I can pump some air into the soft tires of the ’79 bus. “What about some tokens for the machine?”, but “None” was the reply. Lie. So I look him straight in the eye and tell him “It’s California law that your gas station needs to provide free air to paying customers.”

Anyway, he confirms that I had indeed just pumped some gas on station 4, and hands me two tokens. That’s right, beeyatch! So I smugly walk over to the air/water station, plunk in the change, and the machine whirs happily.

HEY 1979!
Vanessa’s Ass.

I plug the hose into the stem valve… and nothing happens. It’s broken.


One of the biggest changes I’ve noticed the past 5 years, is my planning timeframe. Instead of embarking on spontaneous trips and shenanigans, I find myself booking weekend and international trips several months in advance. It’s not necessarily a bad thing, just a little age showing through the cracks because everyone else in my peer group needs to plan ahead.

Prehistoric Pets
My dinosaur is bigger than yours.

Hell, before you know it, you won’t even have time to plan for anything anymore.

Dear World, you are very random. But thank you for allowing me to realize that we can also choose to be the same.

The Sharpie Loves You
By Kat. :)

Not a day goes by without me saying my thanks for sharing a colorful world with colorful people.. Even if sometimes, it’s best enjoyed in black and white.


Ubuntu: I am what I am because of who we all are.

Ich bin running on three hours of sleep and nothing in my stomach. A mother would be pretty upset.

There’s a big chunk of tri-tip waiting to get rock-salted and thrown on the grill, but I need the help of 3 hungry appetites to weather the challenge. No takers yet though, everyone’s too busy running faster in their hamster wheel of perpetual slavery, loneliness, white collar pain and cubicle torture. Yes. Me too.

My hands are cold.

Team Paul and Kat

Valentine greetings from Team Paul, Kat, and Nickel!

Here’s to the lonely finding company, the broken finding hope, and to the happy the gift of forever. :)

My dreams have been vivid lately. The imagery is crisp, but unconventional since the underlying theme was more relational. Sort of like having certain unspoken expectations broken. And the way everything unravels is through vivid imagery, belying the real undertones of it all.

It’s always a struggle to get away from the pitfalls of your everyday. To believe that this is the day you’ll finally break away from the monotony and make your change. That you realize life is too short, days are too few, and wake up with the fear that opportunities run scarce, and regret lasts forever.

Too much thinking drowns dreams. And not enough, make them boring.

I need music in my life. Not the kind of passive soundtracks that clutter your commute in the car, accompaniment in the elevator. Not the overproduced pop junk that saturate airwaves.

I need the dynamics of live music. The obscurity of the artist that writes to seek his/her own voice. The palpable chemistry of a collective group of souls that individually, create their own, but paint the overall message. The strange calmness of getting lost in a thought, in a time, in a feeling.


The real world is a strange place. So much emptiness for us to conquer..

I found some music I’ve been really enjoying. Check out Mark Ronson‘s album ‘Version‘, and all the guests from the Nick Jr. TV show, Yo Gabba Gabba (The Shins, I’m from Barcelona, etc). I’m trying to find all the other stuff, but will probably end up buying the season DVD. I am really enjoying that show. A lot. Wow.

The real world needs less paperwork.


Everything can be done quicker, better, faster. At least there is always something better to aspire to. Boredom can be a bigger problem…

Sleep, eat, live. Love. Get your heart broken.


Wake up all over again.

I can’t believe Indie 103.1 is off the air!! Screw the corporate machine and mainstream radio!

Thank God KCRW is still around..

I was in Guam for a few days with King Benny for work, where he caught a bug and kept me up all night with his coughing. The best part was when he clogged up the toilet and water overflowed all over the bathroom. You should’ve seen housekeeping’s face. And her tone of voice. “Oh. My. God. This is so bad. This. Is. So. Bad.” You can see that she was trying to keep it to herself, but there was no possible way for her to contain her displeasure to mop up the task at hand. Thank goodness it was mostly water. I hope.