Yearly Archives: 2008

If I won the lottery, I’d get:

  1. LEED certified prefab house / Mid-century modern Eichler
  2. Customized hybrid Volkswagen 1979 Type II Transporter
  3. Concourse restoration 1959 Porsche 356A
  4. A shitload of records in vinyl
  5. A harem of Maltese bitchez for Nickel the boy wonder

The hamster wheel won’t turn unless you walk. And it only gets faster when you start running!

Today I ran to the Home Depot to score some PVC joints to repair my laundry hamper. It’s the kind made of plastic PVC pipes, shaped like a long quarter circle, and a drawstring cloth bag liner. The connecting parts have crumbled away and the whole thing is always prone to popping apart at the seams. I had to dremel the pipe threads out of the pieces, but it all worked out beautifully.

Still toying around with Ubuntu. I just installed Apache so I can run PHP locally on my box without having to test on a remote server for my random web projects. I still need a couple of hours to get my feet wet. Can’t wait to deploy our new ideas for :)

And… one of these days, I would really love to be in an Eichler. :)

You're a star!

It’s been more than a year since we’ve decided to take Nickel in to live with us in Tarzana. It’s been quite an adventure to say the least! He’s gone camping in literally freezing conditions, caught bubble gum in his hair (c/o Lovell), engaged in very inappropriate makeout sessions in our garden while a crowd of 20 watched, ridden the Vespa numerous times with his Mama Kat, taken a few road trips back to San Francisco, pee-d on snow at Tahoe, poo-pooed in Baby Lara’s playpen and made her eat it, and the list goes on… For his next adventure I think we’ll have to cut off his balls.

Calling him my best friend would be an understatement.

Happy fourth birthday, you crazy little guy. :)

Caught The Little Ones at the Troubadour tonight. I saw them open for the Magic Numbers almost a year ago, and am glad to catch them headlining tonight at one of my favorite venues. Ra-Ra-Riots, opened for them and put on a really tight set as well.

As usual, everyone flaked – I still don’t give a shit and will still watch gigs by myself because live music is and forever will be the last indulgence I would deny myself. Worddage!

I like the beauty of randomness –
like when you don’t peer into the viewfinder
but click anyway
because you know the beautiful picture is
what you’re not looking at.

The Adventures of Nickel
The adventures of Nickel.

Around people’s legs and cat’s tails.
Sniffing about.

Watch your back!
The curious little boy goes places.

Golden Gate Bridge
And shares his portraits online
to put smiles on strangers’ faces.


Updated my rig – I junked Windows in lieu of Ubuntu 8.04, and I’m currently in the process of re organizing all the junk data I’ve accumulated over the years. This includes ICQ chat logs from 1997, old emails and massive gigabytes of pictures, and other bits and pieces of nostalgia.

My 9 year-old CRT monitor also conked out and started flickering yellow intermittently. I had to smack it around to get the blue back on screen. I must say I was impressed though, given how long it was in service for. I’m now rocking out on a 21.6″ TFT LCD. I would’ve gotten a dual 19″ setup, but why get greedy?

I’m trying to simplify and streamline my work and play processes, which includes preference over open source (read: free) software. Everything is running good. Now I’ll just need to clean up. Remember what they say: your inbox reflects who you are. And so does the bathroom mirror in the morning.

alexistioseco: lovine watched AND LIKED a movie?
alexistioseco: this is new!!!!
iamlovine: i know, right
iamlovine: i had to tell you
iamlovine: hahaha
alexistioseco: i must say
alexistioseco: and this is a compliment
alexistioseco: you’re one of the few friends i can’t talk about films with at all
alexistioseco: (well, except now!)
alexistioseco: hahahaahaha
alexistioseco: which is to say, i like you for you, and you are special

I beat “Through the Fire and Flames” on Guitar Hero III, on Hard. It was a weird sensation seeing the flurry of colors on the screen and the microsecond when it all came together with my fingers tapping furiously along the plastic frets. I got the goosebumps. I just see patterns of colors on the screen, lock everything out of my consciousness aside from the melody and beat, and go FTW. So awesome. I am such a loser. Suck.

BEAM Toothpaste! Starring Pepel Santos and Wacky Abad-Santos.

Getting the new account warmed up! Here are a few surprise video montages I made for my buddy’s birthday a year ago.. My, how time flies! Hello, Mikkel Gutierrez.

Baby Lara Nap Time

Baby Lara nap time! Photo by Kat :).

Dear Intarweb,

I am tired today. I got held up in the office because of some IT shenanigan happening across the Pacific. Had dinner extremely late, and whisked myself off to Spaceland where I wanted to catch Voxhaul Broadcast‘s last day of residency. No cover! I lucked out on a parking spot, but took me 40 minutes to snake through the line outside. When I got in, apparently I had just missed them and the last band Rumspringa was on. Not too bad. I tried to take pictures but my camera kept flashing “No CF Card” – I wonder what was wrong. Kind of hard to focus when you’re doing things all by yourself :P

Before I left I bought VB’s album, Rotten Apples, as a consolation prize.