Monthly Archives: July 2007

my flight got canceled today, which was the last flight out of bloomington… so i got stuck for another night, and decided to do something weird so i ordered shark for dinner. and i think i may be allergic to it. yikes.

hello world!

in observance of today’s lovine holiday, i’d like to solicit comments from my faithful readers, stalkers, co-workers, admirers, haters, lovers, friends, foes, countrymen, and all beings that may happen to stumble across this small corner of nonsense.

domo sankyuu and good tidings. :)

back full circle, to cook county where i was born. only two days left until the golden year of 25 is over!

caught travis last saturday at the vic theatre. thank god i found out about their gig last minute through the help of web 2.0 friends, travis is really awesome! really good venue, and the crowd was really receptive as well. not a lot of pretentiousness that you’d normally get in LA. seemed like everyone was genuinely enjoying the show, which is either the crowd that travis gets, or is a reflection of the awesomeness of chi town.

as far as i know, there can never be any other birthday gift that can even be close to this one!! i mean, how frikkin’ awesome is this??! as everyone i’ve met from 5th grade onwards knows, i am one of the biggest calvin and hobbes fans on the planet!!! and as far as i knew, there was nothing more i secretly wanted in the entire universe, than my own stuffed hobbes… NOTHING! so much, in fact, that i relinquished it under the box of “things that i would love to have but will probably never ever ever”. i feel like i won the lottery that money can’t buy!

and with that, i profess my undying love for a little miss sarah katrina, the girl of my dreams, i love you, you are the bestest and most amazingest magician of dreams that my universe can even dream of!

i’m still madly smitten :”>