Yearly Archives: 2004

happy birthday erika! through thick and thin, fitness and fatness, you’re one of the bestest! mwah!

friday night was supposed to be superstellar. SPY was playing at the reggae festival at the NBC tent, and as if that weren’t enough, there was also a wolfgang reunion gig at makati. well to make the long story short, i ditched both of them to spend some quality time with a friend. under any circumstance, i wouldn’t miss spy nor wolfgang for the world – but our bonding moments while i snarfed down my quarter pounder and our observations after quietly sipping our beers in a remote place in quezon city made me realize that nothing in the world has meaning until you have a friend to share it with.

yesterday i tried hard to resist, but when they played bohemian rhaspody on the videoke mic, i’m sorry, i just had to go. mamaa! wooOoo..

i’ve been swamped with work since the beginning of the week, and i love it. for some reason all the cutoffs and random timely duties i need to accomplish fell around the same time frame, in addition to extra tasks that were assigned to me. i don’t mind because i still have the nights to myself. besides, i’m a nerd like that. yeah.

being idle gets me really uptight. i need to be moving, thinking about new things, accomplishing tasks. sitting pretty for any extended period of time just scares me – i feel like i’m letting my youth pass me by. inside burns this unsatiable desire to figuratively dirty my fingernails, scratch and bruise my ego, but collectively assert through random experiences that yes, i am alive, that i am not stupid, that i can be of resource to the world. i remedy this restlessness by working hard when i can, but drinking more when humanly possible. just kidding!! *ick*

according to my friendster profile, yes, i do like picking my nose. and here i am with raya mananquil sharing the moment. yay! haha! click on us picking our noses, there are more pictures from wednesday night. it was an event for citibank, launching of our new mini visa card.

in all honesty, one of the biggest reasons i went was for the open bar.. and i wanted to see who the other citibankers were. anyway, the open bar pooped out really early so i had to shell out for a glass of wine to keep my sanity in check. manila is one crazy SOB i’d have to say. it’s a wednesday night, and people are out partying. i imagine that its not even because of that event, but its really like that everyday of the week. i fear for my liver. help!

before i went to the event actually, i went to kathlyn’s flat for dinner with mon and therese, and then to the airport to bid her goodbye. i’ll see her in a couple of months, but i still miss that schmuck head. i’ve been promising to post pictures, but i’m having a hard time screening them. hee hee.

pictures from today’s tutuban adventure are online. i’m severely pooped into poopless oblivion to be able to talk about our adventure in any coherent detail.. though i had a ball with alexis, genie, and naz!! they’re really good company, i need to see these children more often.

i ended up buying a yellow t-shirt to test a experiment, and the latest cosmo issue featuring genie’s blind date. oh, and this morning, naz’s article was front page on the lifestyle section of the philippine star. what can i say, these guys are heavyweights!

everyone’s starting to leave! in a few hours, jonas will ship himself off to china. after him, kathlyn and jill are off to the states. who’s next? hurrmm.

i have this burning desire to reassess the way i live my life. i’m weak to shun away the temptations of this sweet soul numbing nectar called beer, and it seems like i’m always out having fun, without really giving due notice to the fact that i am getting older with looming responsibilities. i feel like each passing moment is a wasted opportunity to actually try to do something significant with my life. instead, i end up quantifying the value of myself by spending it monkeying around with my friends.

i guess this partly explains my disposition towards movement. i can’t stay anywhere too long. i get scared when i’m comfortable, when everything drones out into normalcy. it seems as though parts of the world blur when you see the same things over and over again, and i don’t want that. i want to be successful, to be driven, to find out who i really am. and i’d love to be oh maybe 5 inches taller. haha!

interesting things happen when kathlyn is around. she’s visiting manila for a week, because she has a business trip in hongkong. i swear to god this girl shows up in manila so randomly. the last time she was here two years ago, she popped up one random summer day out of nowhere. and now here she is, flaunting her new LA sculpted boob job. word!

her barkada seriously cracks me up.. i miss all of them! especially when we’re all together! a crapload of us trooped over to their new condo in salcedo village for dinner. i’ll post the pictures in a bit, as soon as i sort out the raunchy ones that will get these children in trouble. just kidding!! sexy in salcedo. lampungan sa lafayette. you children are so pretty, but just a little bit mental. and that’s why i love you guys! quite a monday to kickoff the week, i reckon. :”>

pictures from twisted halo are up! i should post more pictures from other weekend shenanigans, but i get too lazy. man. i better get with the damn program already.

well, here comes another week staring down at me. at least kathlyn’s in town for a few days.. i hope i get to see her.

last night i was supposed to watch lowkey at big sky, but i ended up too intoxicated to stay. i’ve been drinking too much the past two days. i feel like i’m back in loyola.

can i just say.. big sky mind has the best potato chips in the whole world. period.

i got my NBI clearance today. there was no one there, and i got it in under 10 minutes flat out. the only problem was, i got confused with ‘middle name’.. so idiot me, put ‘lovine’ as my middle name.. and the final print came out as “paul gopez y lovine”.. i’m like what the fark! and then i remembered, shet middle name nga pala dito maiden name.. hassle. burat kasi mga tao sa states, iba yung gamit nila ng ‘middle’ name.. so i went back, made pa cute to the old ladies in counter number 3 and asked them to help me out. so a few smiles later, i got it fixed. no problem. score!

later, i’m off to twisted halo. i want to crop more of my hair. someone stop me.

damn you erika coronel.

bato bato pick + beer = bad news.

shiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiit i have work in a few hours.

i got a package in the mail today, from a good old friend from loyola. i almost shat myself cos she sent me this really rad ‘rub my tummy for goodluck’ t-shirt, which fits amazingly well! and once in a blue moon do i actually get shirts that fit well! i’m so excited! i also got pictures (its really cute, ill post it someday), and a pez dispenser. then i realized that i really miss her, and now the only thing that can make me happier is if she was inside the package too. haha :”> cheers babe, i’ll see you soon! you rock! meow! :)

the past two weekends, i’ve been heading out to kamuning with genie in search of textiles and other fun stuff to have tailored (she has hot pants). in a small oversight, the fabric that i bought for one shirt is pretty thin. i don’t mind tight shirts that hug your nipples, but this is something new. not that i have ugly nips.. its just weird wearing shirts where you can see them. i guess we all need to overcome some inhibitions one way or another. i have a feeling i won’t be wearing this one in broad daylight though. unless.. well… anyway.

spent some quality time with friends cyrus and tracy today. i imagine that no matter how old we get, how fat we are around the waist, how balds our heads thin over the years.. i think there will always be a time when i’ll randomly show up, stick around, and be that friend that doesn’t disappear into the past like everyone else.. but be this annoying little voice that lives in the crevices of your brain folds and pesters you forever until you’re forced to admit that you miss me. bwahaha.. joke. :”>

the first few weeks i started working at citibank, i remember staying late trying to keep up with work and preparing for the next day. on top of that, i invested a little time after 5-thirsty to sit down and figureout macros slash visual basic in excel.. in the name of nerdism, to automate my task of generating approval letters. it was fun because i had to sit down and think out the process of how the automation would be done – but now i have a problem. everything runs peachy keen, and cuts the time it would take me to put on a monkey suit and click the mouse repetitively like a robot. on top of that, one of the big projects i was hired for is already maturing. so i end up staring out the 18th floor window, wishing someone cleaned the windows spotless so i can take purty pictures of the sunset.

i will have no job. i will be useless. i cannot stand being idle, i need someone to push my buttons (not the kinky kind, but hey i wouldn’t mind.. just kidding). or maybe i have a shitload of things to do, i just don’t know what they are.. yet. shet.

“what’s it like not to feel anything?”

– finnegan: great expectations

hello, welcome to the updates on lovine’s crushes webpage. haha, just kidding. well that’s what its turning out to be lately. it’s kinda gross. i guess we all have our share of epic (mis)adventures, but i’m a bad storyteller and it doesn’t help that there’s not much of a story to tell anyway.. just a string of random trivialities that are supposed to make sense but then they’re just a collective of stories with no point. my only consolation is that even though it doesn’t make sense, it does however, make friends! teka malabo yun ah.

i went to ateneo’s cersa gig this friday, and i give props to jeepney joyride and romeo lee and the brown briefs. i’ve never seen anyone perform like that since i was 13, when i saw parokya ni edgar at club dredd wearing maid uniforms, see-through-utong barongs with puruntong shorts, and undercuts. first time i’ve seen a pair of shades made out of spoons. oh the mysteries of manila are awaiting to be found.

last night i confirmed the pimpstar status of tagteam cecile and eggy. there is an image that will be hard to erase concerning a brand new red jaguar with no plates, an SUV police escort, short miniskirts, and young girls with a spoonful of attitude. ohh, sass. say hello, TWE (third world elite).