Yearly Archives: 2003

i feel like a high school kid cramming a project. well, i sorta am anyway (not a kid, you shit), i’m cramming cos i’m technically leaving tomorrow for manila. the past few hours were spent designing and printing CD covers for a hush hush set of tracks that i’m burning for fun, because jj, narcs and andre are money! in between, i managed to make a few small logos for the design company joey, gino and i are setting up. also been researching these new otter boxes that would make a really nice upgrade to my spy recording arsenal. i wonder how manila would be? i wonder what adventure awaits! but before then, i’m busy making copies of this disc. they’ll be online soon, check it out. if you want a disc, let me know.

i am a musician in need of music. i want to be in a band.. desperately. *siigh*

5 out of 5 manilans have confirmed over the webcam.. that i look like F4. i’m sure its just my hair more than anything else. some of them said i can make money out of it, but there’s something wrong about dancing around without a shirt in front of the webcam. although i admit it was pretty fun.. or maybe its cos dima was cheering me on and called his sister to watch. i’m just kidding of course. ;) now your filthy mind is infected with images of me dancing in front of a camera shirtless. sexy or sick? well, yeah, ok, i’ll stop before you guys stop visiting my site. heehee. *oink*

this is kathlyn. behind her is the house of the osbournes. the poor schmuck from san francisco wanted to see them badly, and so we headed out disguised as japanese tourists. there were a handful of other spectators camping outside the osbourne abode, hoping to catch a glimpse of jack’s blubber, or whatever else floated their boats. i’m not a really big fan of the show, although black sabbath has been in healthy rotation on my playlist. afterwards, i had to take kath to a local bakery where to my horror she inhaled a slice of cake to satisfy her chocolate fix.. poor child. she made me feel guilty about spreading rumors back in manila that she got so fat she couldn’t fit through a doorway. if she reads this, she’ll probably never talk to me again, but we’ll continue eating when we’re together anyway. bwahahaha! oink!

a lot of my friends are leaving. i guess its a sign for me to bail out and head on over to the PI. aside from andre, narcs, and jj, alana is gearing up for psychopath grad school action and kathlyn begins paralegal white collar sweatshop labor next week. i’ve been fortunate that everyone has been randomly visiting me here in tarzana, or else i’d just cease to exist. at one point joes started to call me the ‘matrix’ hehe. its just so easy to lay and pig around.. its scary! will the summer slothfest get the best of me? help lovine from disappearing, visit him! let’s go drink!

i actually abstained from alcohol today. aside from being a sunday, i had the biggest headache this morning; but it was a small price to pay for the awesome time i had for jenny’s birthday! the sangria pre-party at her apartment left me in a really good party mood, and i just spent the rest of the night dancing. not to mention jenny is probably my fave dancing partner! it reminded me of erika coronel’s party at la jota way back in 99.. i can’t dance, but i can.. sometimes. ;) cheers to that, jenny! :D

drinking and driving? hell no! try drinking while driving. no, not beer. but chocolate cake. whoever invented that, should realize how many lives he/she can ruin with such an addictive concoction. is frangelico my new best friend? thanks to kathlyn for helping support my addictions..

been drinking 4 out of the past 5 days. it can get pretty scary. but anyway.. yesterday i hung out with my cousins, and it was pretty chill.. right up until i heard noises outside my house. at first i thought it was my neighbor nextdoor, and so i went outside to investigate. apparently, they were pat o’brien’s kids.. and i heard two guitars and the drums.. so i headed over, and they must’ve thought i was a disgruntled neighbor complaining about the noise. anyway, i ended up jamming with the kids. i plugged in my warwick into that wicked bass cabinet, and i fell in love with it. their equipment was just sick! the first thing i saw when i walked up was a paul reed smith and a classic les paul.. and easy 2000+ for each of them. good times, with good equipment. and it was really loud. REALLY loud. they’re so young, that they’d be really good when they get older.. i hope.

saturday i had the party, and it was fun. i always like the mix of people who come to my parties, it always gets interesting. i was glad that my neighbor donna came over, and she brought her friends. i’ve always wondered if there were kids my age in this neighborhood, much less people who came from LMU!! definitely have to hang out with her. aside from that, good times with old friends. its just stupid for other people to flake out, they don’t know what they’re missing.

on sunday my cousin had a graduation party, and i got pretty faded.. i thought it would be a stricly family affair, but two of my cousins whom i haven’t seen for a while were there, and its about time that we spent time to drink and what not. i had to drive home, but i was fine even though my grandmother witnessed me drink 6 coronas. monday and tuesday, andre and narcs have been coming over to lay down some tracks. we finished one with my sister singing, i’ll post them up on my site when all the songs are done. we’re kinda rushing though cos everyone’s about to leave… andre for notre dame, narcs for hawaii, and me to manila. jj, the lucky bastard is going to greece. yikes. this is the life of a bum.. ahh, yeah!

will my liver get damaged soon? i wish my body was more capable of making sense of the bitter sweetness of life. reality check.

i only saw a beautiful mind tonight. thank god there’s a second disc of bonus material, cos right now its keeping me from thinking about my imaginary prodigal roommate. the movie scared me to tell you the truth. yes, it scared me. on that delusional aspect, its just freaky to think about being haunted by non-existent (or are they) entities. on a more fundamental level, its scary to know that you’re at the mercy of your own delusions.. but are you really? if you’re strong enough to shut out the voices in your mind.. if you’re smart enough to know what is real, and what is not, perhaps then you’ll really know what’s inside my beautiful mind.. and what’s in yours.

you know you’ve been awake for too long when videos start to repeat more than twice on VH1’s insomniac music theater.. this sleeping pattern smells like summertime!

tiramisu_819: bad trip ka nung kinagat mo utong ko! akala tuloy ni monika na bakla tayo!

that’s dave brubeck at the playboy jazz festival yesterday. lovely, isn’t it? and it was funny seeing jaime and nick get hit on by the mature ladies… oh yeah baby. if you’re reading this and you’re around the area, i’m having a party in my house this saturday. come and have a drink! :D

i think all this computer usage is making me blind. i can’t read anything anymore. sooner or later i’ll have a perpetual face contortion from trying to squint and read anything. where are my glasses? i’m too lazy to look for frames. bah.

my lovely friends visited me this weekend. andre and narcs spent the whole weekend with me, cooking and eating and drinking.. check out narcs fitted in my shirt. sexy, just like andre’s abs? yesterday, ponts followed and we oinked out at versailles.. good stuff man. i need to go there more often. rudy came over last night too. thank god my friends visit me here, or else i’d just rot and die of boredom. and i probably would stop eating too, kaso lang i’ve been drinking for the past two days.. and for the next two, it seems. yay!

funny how my calvin and hobbes site gets almost an average of 90 hits a day. even funnier how i managed to wakeup at this ungodly hour after all that i drank last night… ugh. jenny, narcs, andre, and james came over. fun times. :)

i don’t eat, i don’t sleep. what’s wrong with me? yikes.

after 4 long years of living here in los angeles, surprisingly i’ve never been inside a wal-mart… until today. i only read about walmart through wallstreet journal complaints of impending doom from mom and pop stores once the big bad retailer sets up shop in their smallville, and how their supply chain makes walmart flex its muscle during IS class. inside their store, they practically sell everything possible. mass consumerism at its grandest. for a second, it seemed like a snapshot of america in general.

i watched finding nemo today with ponts. very cute ah, albeit a little bit sappy at the end. well, it is a disney move afterall.. i wonder if there are subliminal messages? mmm. i still miss the gingerbread boy from shrek. not my gumdrop buttons! eat me!