Yearly Archives: 2003

you are eye candy that hurts to look at. thanks for turning everything upside down, though you probably won’t even see this. :)i’m such a loser.

we are fans of barbie’s cradle. i never thought i’d think twice about seeing them, but i guess i was just really surprised the first time i saw them at how good they are live. they’ve got my thumbs up, and i’m sure to spread the word to my friends :) let’s watch! you guys have to see them!

okay its 4am and amber is barking outside my door. she never usually barks. sometimes i get nightmares that there is a ghost of my grandfather outside near the sala. he used to live with us, in a room right beside our altar. and where amber is, is pretty much right in front of it. maybe i’m just paranoid. but who can blame me, wouldn’t you get freaked out when dogs bark at seemingly nothing? who are we to know, anyway.. i think its time to go to bed.

fuuma_lei_r: tama ka pare,

anghel sa kalsada, demonyo sa kama

ako nga ay mabagal, buhay mo naman sa langit ay tatagal


na-luma na ata ang kasabihang “basta driver, sweet lover”.. Ü

maria’s mistress, shampoo ni lola, dahong palay, edge of illusions, shanghaied, annointed cherubs, ang grupong pendong, half life half death, ba’giw, drone, balahibumpooza, tribal fish, backdraft, datu’s tribe, bonehead, dr. faust…

can you help me name more? :)

is the color of the sky a different type of blue right before daybreak, versus right after sunset? when the dark of night starts to slowly fade into the subtle blue, is it the same color when the sun sets, only in reverse? something tells me that it might not be, due to the way the light hits the earth.. i was looking at how the blue increasingly started to turn into a pastel like tinge; maybe that’s just because of the presence of more light entering the atmosphere, versus less light when the sky wanes from red to blue to black. what the hell am i saying.

i was working from 9pm-5am tonight. nine to five like any normal human being.. except it was the complete opposite on the clock! was working for cita astals, a city councilor for manila, doing a rush design project needed to be done by tonight. while it was supposed to be an invitation of sorts for the groundbreaking ceremony of this new road, it ended up looking like a newspaper. that’s what she gets for being so rushed.. and i got paid peanuts too. i felt like i was in high school again, cramming another project. although it wasn’t a healthy habit, the life skills of learning how to work under pressure and deal with the omnipresent murphy’s law is priceless.

everytime i see barbie’s picture, it hurts. i’m such a sad, sappy little fool. who will be my medicine? who will be my poison pill?

i love barbie! not just because she’s pretty, but because she and her band is amazing with what they do.. its all inspirational. i’m a sucker for music. *siigh* she sings well, plays the guitar well, and writes amazing songs. i’m smitten. the chemistry they have as a band is amazing, and the music they play is probably the most genuine that i’ve heard in a really long time. for some reason, they give me a sense of what kind of person i’d like to be… having the capacity to be real at the same time inspired. she gives me an idea of what i want.. to be, and to have. thanks, barbie :)

alexis and cecile, sitting in a tree. :) therese flaked on me saturday night because of a pimple.. is that a valid excuse if you’re a chick? boo! anyway i’m glad i still went alone although i only knew eggy and cecile, its fun to go out alone sometimes and meet new people. cheers to that! yesterday ther and i drove down over to cubao in search for ukay ukay.. someone has to give me credit for my very astute sense of direction these days. of course there were moments when we didn’t know were the hell we were, stuck in the middle of a wet meat/fish market and all. thankfully, ‘bossing’ was there to point out where the flea markets were. wala lang. i didn’t buy shit cos i started to get allergies, and therese bought a shitload of clothes cos she thought the tag said P25.. she missed the 1 on it… P125. good job! ;)

i just got back tonight from saipan (that’s a picture of the sunset on the beach) and guam with my dad, to check up on business back there. chances are, you’ve never heard of guam, or even know where it is on the map. i don’t blame you. the last time i was there in 97, i swore it was a chunk of concrete in the middle of the pacific ocean. i couldn’t understand how people could live there. well, they’ve gone a long way since. the airport is peachy keen, there are tons of new developments, and the island is teeming with korean and japanese tourists. it wasn’t as bad as i expected it to be, although most of the time we were in saipan, which is an island 1/6th the size of guam. now that island is overflowing with tourists. one of these days i’d have to check out their beaches. i figured since we have business over there anyway, i wonder how it would be like to own beachfront property. wishful thinking. since its a tiny island, i’ve never really seen a longer horizon, with the absence of skyscrapers and flyovers that clog the sky.

i wish i were younger, so i know everything. i feel like the older i get, the more unsure i am of myself, the more questions there are to be asked and the more there is to be discovered. i guess i just have to get a grip on the spirit of my youth, and make myself in a brave new world.

jamespiritu: TANGINA MO



jamespiritu: LECHE

thanks to the loyal patrons of my annual july farty! too bad a band of renegade soldiers from the AFP (armed forces of the philippines) staged some sort of coup, with regards to grievances against the GMA government; thus a lot of my good friends couldn’t make it. boo. it was just bizarre ending a party sitting in front of the TV at 5am watching men in fatigues with red armbands wire an area of the makati district with C4 explosives. although their grievances are legit, i’m not so sure about the way they’re handling the situation.. the world is a nasty place to live in sometimes.

the past few days have been pretty cool; on tuesday watched moonstar88 and parokya ni edgar at 70’s bistro. they made my night when they sang the classic chikinini. on wednesday watched kjwan (jorel’s new band.. with marc abaya) at millenia, and celebrated the dawn of my birthday with good music. i got to meet karl roy, that was pretty rad. got some more good stuff to look forward to for the week, vince is coming and i have a farty on saturday. come come come! 0919.259.2097

my ass turned 22 today. i would’ve made really big spontaneous plans, but of course i had the shittiest time last night and this morning because of this damn cold that came from the middle of nowhere. i hate colds. i’d rather have diarrhea than have a cold- at least i can read while pooing, or call up people (which is fun, you should try it). no one really seems to mind anyway, until they hear you flush. and then you can say your goodbyes. but being stuck with a runny nose and a perpetually empty kleenex box, that’s just no fun. no one seems to admire the cute little squares that my tissues get folded into either. everyone probably knows when i get a cold, cos those little tissue residues show up everywhere imaginable, like little horny white rabbits multiplying into every possible dimension. it used to drive my brother nuts when i left them in the car. see, sniffles are just not fun at all.. hooray for pooing! and hooray for the good food at cena.. oink!

it’s been an interesting year. i want to get all sentimental, but i ran out of kleenex.. maybe tomorrow.

i just came back tonight from cebu. no major stories to be told, except that vince is a budding politician. who would’ve thunk! (hehe jk) he’s a good guy though. but politics just scare me, to be honest with you. its funny when you realize that you’re not a student anymore. anyway in cebu i went on a couple of skim-boarding stints, and sucked badly so i indulged myself on a lot of food and sleep.. went to a club in the city called “brix”, where my legs gave up on dancing. they were really on it though.. i’m so out of shape.

i recently re-read the catcher in the rye. boy, holden can really get to you. i swear to god, he can. the way he thought reminded me somewhat of high school, being sick of all these phonies and all. hah ;) what a crack. he kills me, he really does.

where have i gone? the biggest mystery is why i’m still jetlagged after a week here in manila. the only hiatus was this saturday when ivan had a party and i stayed till 330am. dropped off plek along quezon ave in front of classmate, i was entertained by his stories of lurid encounters with the women and establishments that dot the strip. what a character.

this is tracy. she works at ABS-CBN, had lunch with her the other day. isn’t she cute? anyway, the past few days have been spent playing dr. mario with joes. hours and hours of dr. mario. i have to download one of those NES emulators one of these days.. that will spell doom upon me, then i’ll finally fall hopelessly into the oblivion of an eternal summer bum, festering into a glub of incoherent human tissue. tomorrow i leave for cebu until sunday to visit vincent. yay! oh by the way, lookout for the hidden links.. move your mouse over the text, there might be some more stuff to what i’m talking about. blah.

chalk one up for andrea! here they are before they headed out for some hot makeout session. isn’t she a stud?! let’s just pray her parents never see my website. you gotta hand it to her though, she’s got game! fo shizzle my nizzle!

i like travelling alone, you get to meet really interesting people. yesterday i met this medical professor from boston who was gonna give a talk somewhere in manila. in the course of our random conversations, he was telling me about nitrous oxide forming inside the cabin of deep-diving vessels as a result of the pressure, which makes for a really awesome high. hmm. his son was an engineer by training, and now works in a lab with huge refrigerators containing the heads of whales. he does research about sonic communications or whatever, and studies the internal workings of whales to better understand them and build better navigation systems for submarines. its a big world out there.

last night saw a bunch of my good friends, i really missed them! ended up in san francisco coffee with mon and matt, who were studying for med shit, and gino, joey, mikkel, gus, big… good ol’ days. apparently, big’s naked pictures are doing a few rounds on local e-mails.. what a stud!!

quick blog.. last night i went to the saddle ranch, and rode the mechanical bull! fun times :D andrea also scored and made out with a scottish dude!! maybe if i was brit, she’d make out with me. too bad i’m a small brown asian man.. who loves to bite. anyway, in a few minutes i’m leaving for manila, and will miss the socal crowd. i’m sure i’ll be back soon, its too much fun over here.. ;)