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Waiting for YouChoob

Holy Fuck at the Troubadour. I don’t understand how these guys are not selling out their gigs, everyone had a great time and they put on such awesome energy throughout their set. Can’t wait to see them again! I know the GIF animation is ghetto-fab, but hopefully it makes the HD uploads crawling to Youtube right now look even better ;)

Dirty Laundry

Back in Los Angeles.

Thank goodness I got upgraded from coach (c/o King Benny’s friendship counter), and it was finally one of the newer refurbished PAL planes that have seats that lay flat.

Baby Carys Baby Carys

Am tired, but waiting for a giant load of dirty laundry to finish. If there’s one thing that I miss, it’s doing my own laundry. Back to the grind tomorrow.

The Viewfinder


I need to take a break. I miss my sidekick who understands what its like to explore what’s out there, and is never afraid to get lost with me as I am apt to. (Although she will discreetly let you know that we’ve been through this route before, but that’s besides my point.) I really need to get out, get dirty, and know the world a little closer, away from this damn compooper.

One can only take the dreary consistencies of routine so far, before starting to babble helplessly like an idiot. I feel like I just keep waiting. And waiting. Wait.

Feliz Compleaños!

To our favorite baby boy.


Can’t believe you’re turning 6, and I’m not there to be at the farty! Hope your Mama Kat gets you tacos and a big fat burrito cake for you to stuff your face on. I bet that’d make you happy :)

I love you!!!

The Hangover

Baby Via

Yesterday’s marathon started 2pm at best friend Cyrus’s house, where I met baby Via for the first time and proceeded to polish off their baby Heiny keg and a case and a half of San Mig light with his brother in law and friends. After replacing my blood with alcohol after 8 full hours of drinking, I took a quick shower and headed out to Establishment with the conyo crowd for TFlo’s birthday bash, and joked about my life long dream to appear in the society pages with Maurice Arcache. True enough, he was there! Other highlights were catching up with Ramon and Karlo Miguel, and capped it out when TFlo and ate Mia introduce me to the concert queen Pops Fernandez. Party till 4am, just like how Manila does it.

Thou Shall Not Save Teh Document

Today’s lesson number one. When working with filtered columns in Excel, doing a “Paste Value” will also plow over the hidden rows. Which you won’t see until you unfilter the column. Hurrah!

Today’s lesson number two. When you save a document right after doing something incredibly awesome, it wipes out the Undo cache which makes it impossible for you to get back to the version before saving it. Hooray!

Hangin' out.

Life’s lesson: Don’t save, and don’t save often. Stop working and go buy vinyl records instead.

The Road

Taking the bus for a long trip to San Francisco this weekend, possibly through the 101. Looking forward to that certain magic behind the wheel, a comforting lull that brings me closer to the salt of the earth. Always a guaranteed break from the routine, which I find myself needing more often as I age. Instead of accepting everything as you’ve decided them to be – ask yourself more questions, and the world will give you even better answers.


Just don’t die on us, or catch on fire – and we will love you forever. Guaranteed.

Year 6: Meet at the Robot

Just got back from the desert.

Ra Ra Riot
She and Him
Passion Pit
Them Crooked Vultures
LCD Soundsystem
Vampire Weekend
Benny Benassi
Whitest Boy Alive

The Temper Trap
Band of Skulls
Edward Sharpe and the Magnetic Zeros
The XX
Corinne Bailey Rae
Hot Chip
The Deadweather
Die Antwoord

Matt and Kim
Florence and the Machine
Julian Casablancas
Charlotte Gainsbourg
The Big Pink
Sly Stone

2010 is a good year. With a lineup like this, it’s hard to get my head wrapped around the fact that I saw and heard what I did.

Music is life. Life, is music.

Photobooth Weekends

Me, Kat, and Nickel

Nickel’s first time. I think he is finalizing an exit strategy on the last frame.

Taken last weekend inside a vintage/thrift store in the city (SF) which had one of those old school photobooths hidden in the back – the kind that still develops the picture. None of that digital crap. Hooray for analog! And using chemicals! Digital photobooths have no soul!

Countdown to What are You Doing

There is exactly a week before Coachella starts.

Happy days in 2008!

I’ve been worried about the weather. It’s weird. I usually don’t like the summer season, since unnecessary sweating bothers me. But I find myself re-checking the weather forecast every few days and finding that this year’s Coachella looks AT LEAST 30 degrees cooler than all the previous years I’ve been. What is happening!? What will it be like without the death-defying heatwave that makes you spend all your money on lemonade and seek shelter getting fire hosed by the Do Lab freaks?? Will it ever be the same?! And never in my wildest dreams would I think of finding myself wanting to be scorched bone dry in the desert. It just won’t be the same without pain!

I need a beer. I spent too many hours again underneath the bus. I finally hooked up the heater control boxes and tried valiantly to set the control cable. Am learning some obvious lessons on how to pay attention to detail and becoming more thorough in your work and analysis, which of course manifests itself at the 11th hour when you realize that a few things have already gone wrong. After awhile, I eventually managed to stick one heat exchanger up into the exhaust heads, but quickly realized that there is an unwanted dent in one of fresh air channels from the engine fan that is preventing a flap from opening completely. I’ll have to hammer it out tomorrow. Not like I have any more time to dilly dally – I need to get this shit together and still pass by the shop to get my EGR filter welded back on in time for her maiden summer voyage of 2010.

As my dad asked for the umpteenth time tonight, “What are you doing??”

Mmm, Blood

It’s not really that deep, but I thought it looked pretty cool. Was lining up some parts on the Veedub this afternoon, but my hand slipped. Dabbed on some expired (2008) liquid bandage, taped it up, and crawled underneath the bus to pry out the exhaust gaskets on the heads.

My dad walked in the garage and asked what I was doing and why I was underneath it. He said something like, ayan bulok kasi kotse mo (that’s what you get for getting a shitty car). I chuckle to myself, and he says “Mag-ingat ka diyan, baka mag-earthquake” (Take care underneath, there might be an earthquake). Lima-Oscar-Lima.