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Two days in Manila, and having lots of fun so far. Mostly from animated conversations over a good cold brew of San Miguel. It’s a lot better now that my friends have started to branch out and pursue the paths they’ve chosen to live. It becomes cathartic to both realize and understand the reasons behind their beliefs, the tenets of their faith, the growth of our collective wisdom. And good conversation comes from differing opinions stemming from the same collective input and generalized experience of growing up in a conservative Church influenced third world.

I really enjoy listening to what makes people tick. What it would be like on your ‘island’. I can’t imagine not caring about issues of gay marriage, abortion, legalization of psychoactive substances that are incidentally less dangerous than alcohol, decriminalization of prostitution, torture, tax and spending, healthcare and education. Especially since a quarter of your paycheck (mine, at least) goes back to the state and the services it provides.

I don’t want to have no opinion. It’s easy to gloss over issues when you have no vested interest or are not directly affected by them. But without understanding what’s happening around you, there’s no way to understand anything at all.


I need to know the world, in order to understand myself. I need to know myself, in order to understand the world.

Dear World, you are very random. But thank you for allowing me to realize that we can also choose to be the same.

The Sharpie Loves You
By Kat. :)

Not a day goes by without me saying my thanks for sharing a colorful world with colorful people.. Even if sometimes, it’s best enjoyed in black and white.


Ubuntu: I am what I am because of who we all are.

Team Paul and Kat

Valentine greetings from Team Paul, Kat, and Nickel!

Here’s to the lonely finding company, the broken finding hope, and to the happy the gift of forever. :)

I need music in my life. Not the kind of passive soundtracks that clutter your commute in the car, accompaniment in the elevator. Not the overproduced pop junk that saturate airwaves.

I need the dynamics of live music. The obscurity of the artist that writes to seek his/her own voice. The palpable chemistry of a collective group of souls that individually, create their own, but paint the overall message. The strange calmness of getting lost in a thought, in a time, in a feeling.


The real world is a strange place. So much emptiness for us to conquer..

The real world needs less paperwork.


Everything can be done quicker, better, faster. At least there is always something better to aspire to. Boredom can be a bigger problem…

Congratulations, Paolo and Geline Bugayong :)

Beautiful wedding! :)


A little friend that liked to scamper around at night. Trapped inside the bathroom, he tried to gnaw his way through the door. But alas his time was up, within 10 minutes when fly paper was set up. Goodbye, Kumare.

Jeepney Joyride

Travel not to say you’ve been to a place, but because curiosity pounds your heart without abandon. Walk with reckless pursuit even if you have no purpose, because the world never stands still unless you stop moving yourself.

Inside the Jeepney

Inside a jeepney, on the way to Cartimar.

Makati Skyline

Do which makes the most sense, even if it means the sensible thing is to not follow the beat of everyone else’s drum. There are no other answers which matter except for your own, because there will be no one else to back you up on the choices you’ve made. People may say otherwise, but all is talk unless it’s action that’s spoken. Past is the past. Present is the present. The future, is the future.