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By Paul

Unfortunately, it seems that the snooze button shall never satiate my craving for a five minute but-feels-like-forever intermission from the real world.


Which would be most useful? Slow motion, fast forward, pause or eject? Yet life affords all of these – of course, finding its way into your inconvenience.

Time for bed. Another day closer to the person you’d want to be when you wake up tomorrow.

Keep Walking

Nickel Walker

My time is always late, my dreams are always far fetched. My feet are always itchy, my needs are never met. My world continuously spins, like seconds on a clock. My life is never here nor there, just like my lost socks.



The great thing about having 5 nieces is having 5 adorable ones to take pictures of. :)


Preparing for a week in Vegas for the SEMA show, and then our annual Death Valley excursion with a handful of friends in tow.

I need to create a more efficient packing system, in terms of getting what I need quickly, and figuring out the absolute minimum I need to bring. Although I have become adept to last minute crash course packing, the multiplying white hairs on the side of my head indicate that I cannot afford to leave the house without the damn SD card again. I usually start with a handwritten packing list, but it seems like it gets longer each trip I take…


I’d rather just hop on, and go. Far. Away.


Hehe. :)

My favorite picture from the weekend, up in Carmel, CA.


I miss writing with careless abandon, like the pseudo stream of thoughts that I’d occasionally fart. I’m not sure if the obvious transition away from verbal diarrhea towards more half-assed philosophies of the moment with the requisite photo op is doing me any good. I kind of like the cleaner slate that goes along with the layout, but there is something missing from where I come from as compared to years past. Granted I hardly sit down and think about what I want to write anymore, but I am also starting to think that the responsibilities and stress of living in this linear world is starting to take me away from the corners of my mind where my curious cat is fed.


This is, my empty space. All who wander are not lost, and not all that are lost want to be found.

Data is King

Debating if I should get a GPS photo tagger. I also just installed Picasa 3.5, and it’s parsing through 171 gigs of data, a total of 116,667 images for faces of friends and random fools. Pretty damn cool. Pretty soon we’ll find out who has the most pictures! And I have a feeling it’ll be Ate Pat. :)


Oh, Friday


I’m not complaining that my week went by quickly – Fridays are always the start of something fun. :)

Off to San Francisco to see the Flaming Lips!!


Big Sur

I always feel like I want to run away.  From something.  Anything.

Go, Speed!

Go Speed!

My favorite shot from this weekend’s Red Bull Soapbox race in downtown Los Angeles. :)

I asked Kat to remind me to appreciate things for what they are, and to smile. No matter what the world gives… and when it decides to take it away.

BC and Spirits in the Sky

Pictures from the gig at the Hotel Cafe a few hours ago.


That’s Dave Navarro and Billy Corgan. At a 165 person capacity venue, gigs like these are what dreams are made of.