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My friend Big Zupancic lied to me and claimed that the reason why he was not replying to my texts inviting him for lunch, was that he was swamped with work. His wonderful girlfriend Karen Kay let the cat out of the bag and admitted that he actually just woke up after I sent the text and was late to work.

Fast forward 36 hours later (after randomly running into him and having a few beers), and I get pulled over by Makati police for defying a red light turning left into a one way street. Big is in the car behind me and pulls over to check if everything is alright. Long story short, he is one of the smoothest operators known to man and sweet talks me out of my impending traffic violation ticket.

With friends like Big, what me worry? I love you, Big.

Greetings from Manila

Manila Sunset

Manila Sunset

On a brief stopover en-route to Guam. Attending Jaime and Nicole’s wedding in a bit. As usual, beautiful sunsets across the sky.

The Hangover

Baby Via

Yesterday’s marathon started 2pm at best friend Cyrus’s house, where I met baby Via for the first time and proceeded to polish off their baby Heiny keg and a case and a half of San Mig light with his brother in law and friends. After replacing my blood with alcohol after 8 full hours of drinking, I took a quick shower and headed out to Establishment with the conyo crowd for TFlo’s birthday bash, and joked about my life long dream to appear in the society pages with Maurice Arcache. True enough, he was there! Other highlights were catching up with Ramon and Karlo Miguel, and capped it out when TFlo and ate Mia introduce me to the concert queen Pops Fernandez. Party till 4am, just like how Manila does it.

Today’s Sunset

Manila Sunset

Today’s sunset will be my last in Manila for this month, as I’m scheduled to fly out in a few hours back to soggy San Francisco. It was a good run. Despite all the chaos in the grit of the third world, there will always be something beautiful out there to pick out, and take home with you.

And then you quietly realise that there really is no such thing as home – because you take it with you wherever you may come, and you find it wherever you may go.