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i can’t sleep because i can’t figure out how to make the comments() turn gray.. i can’t sleep because its 343am, and i don’t need to wakeup for anything except for the sake of waking up.. i can’t sleep because i don’t want to.

4am, spending time reading up on the news.. there’s too much of the world to know, and too little patience for me to sit down and actually absorb what i need to know. the perils of being internally lazy.. i wish i knew more about investing, the internal workings of money markets and what not. hmm, the psychologist in me tells myself that i might just be slightly worried about the impending responsibility that being an out-of-school yuppie entails. hooray.

a few hours ago, i started calling random beautiful people from manila.. a lot of the bastards weren’t home.. and it didnt help that the people who answered the phone couldn’t get my name. “tell them that gopez called.” dima, er, maits, joy.. tangina san kayo napunta? i got to talk to ther and tray though. i miss you guys. boo!

this is awesome. if i stay up a little longer, i’ll probably go blind from the monitor. i feel light headed and slightly dizzy. this is what the summers are all about.. ahhh, festive intellectual decomposition in the comfort of your own room. the nights are mine, yes..

the valet guy backed my ML320 into a concrete pillar at a parking structure in hermosa beach. it shattered part of the bumper on top of the wheel, and hit a little part of the body panel. the bumper part is fine, it can be replaced easily, but i’m worried about that small crunch of the body – it might have fucked the whole panel over. so now i have to deal with all this shit, thank goodness the guy isn’t being an asshole about it, and we’re having it fixed. but its still a pain in the ass. i couldn’t get over how stupid you can be to backup into a concrete pillar. and that was his fucking job to say the least. today i found out that the same guy lost the keys of another car before slamming my car into a pillar. needless to say, another guy has been added to the unemployment statistic. thank god danielle was there to spot me a beer. i’ve never needed one so badly.

tomorrow i’m heading over to andre’s house to watch “takeshi’s castle”.. this late 80’s japanese show where a horde of rice eaters try to compete against being eliminated.. its ridiculous. they’re running across mazes and trapdoors, they eat shit running fullspeed into wooden walls disguised as doors, and trip on fake “rocks” in a pathway through water.. these asians man. what kooks. ;)

my friend’s dad passed away this weekend. it was a real bummer, he’s one of my best friends and i met his dad in cebu- really nice guy and took care of us when i was visiting. i felt really bad for my friend, but i’m proud of him for being strong and pulling himself through. i can’t imagine being in his situation, but his disposition has always been cheery, and his strength allows his dad to live vicariously through him.

these reality checks make you count your blessings, and plant your feet back on the ground. the material things we have are nothing, against the love that binds family and friends together. hope all you guys take care.. and tell your parents you love them :)

got back from SF today, i spent 9 hours in the car! im totally pooped out. i drove up with ponts, and it wasn’t a bad drive, we stopped by slo (san luis obispo) for lunch, and continued to bug the shit out of ourselves on the way up.

by the time we were shuttling around the bay area cities, i suddenly realized the futility of having ponts as a navigator. of course, i’m not saying that to bag on her. it’s just surprising to find someone else aside from me who has no sense of direction.. well actually, she can read a map just as fine as anyone else. for some reason though, we just got lost everytime we tried to go somewhere – even back home.

on saturday i went to kathlyn’s graduation at the ignatius church. it was really gorgeous inside, and once you step in, you won’t be surpised that the institution is run by jesuits. we pigged out on a six-course morroccan bad-ass meal afterwards that left my stomach in a coma. the whole trip seemed like a cycle of eating, sleeping and getting lost driving. before we set out for LA, ponts and i bought a box of krispy kremes, and a bag of reese’s and oreos. spell o-i-n-k?

i was really glad to see nannoo and sarah, but on the drive back home, it made me sad to think that we’re on the cusp of a major change.. i’ll never see nannoo walking around LMU again.. and that means she’ll never harass me in public. and that’s always good. but i’ll miss it in a weird way.. *bite*

its so hot.. and my room is a disaster area, everything is out of my closets for rearranging.. some days i’m too organized for my own good. blah.

itsrainingmon: lam mo ba nagfit ako ng uniform kanina… tapos sabi nung babae dun “kilala mo si john paul matriano? pakisabi sa kanya kulang yung bayad nya ha? may extra charge sya kse malaki pala syang tao”

just came back from brasil.. i had probably one of the best vacations in the world! amazing beaches, perfect weather, lots of food, and perpetually gorgeous brazilian girls. and travelling with andre was just sick! oh, and at the airport he asked this girl who was at a snack stand, “how much are your nuts?”

i’m stuck at home right now. stuck at home without internet access. how crappy is that? how am i supposed to survive? i have to drive all the way to my sisters house to check mail.. oh wait, my e-mail conked out along with my domain name.. well, this is subtle karma against brazil with andre. but i’m still not complaining. Ü

i’m done. it’s over. i’m officially unemployed, and a bum!! aaagh!! the whole ceremony took awhile, but it seemed like everything went by so fast.. isn’t denisey the cutest?

yesterday, had an interesting run through of LMU. i sat on the “L” of LMU out on the bluff, and i got bored so went out to do my “run” at the sunken gardens. thank god tom was there to document the occasion. i doubt that anyone would want to see those pictures though. yikes.

i will be gone for awhile. tomorrow i’m leaving for brazil.. and then when i get back i’ll be off to SF with ponts to visit bay area friends and cheer for kathlyn at her grad (poor schmuck needs a fan club). until the next time.. adios, amigos and muchacha lindas.

how does it feel like to be done? how does it feel like to be a bum? how does it feel like to fart so loudly that the librarian comes over to regulate cos it echoed throughout the atrium? how does it feel like to make an illegal u-turn in front of a police station? how does it feel like to be free? how does it feel like to not belong? how does it feel like at 5am?

sushi for the soul! finally got around to having dinner again with danielle, i think she’s one of the biggest reasons i’m happy for going to LMU, because i meet people like her! she’s just a blast. as for that last final i have tomorrow.. i dont know man.. i’m kinda more scared of what’s gonna happen after the final. is it really the end of college??

if i don’t make the cutoff for magna.. i swear to myself i’m shaving off my hair.

one down, two more to go.. and then i’m forever free of this scholastic brain stretching. i wonder how i’ll fare in the real world..

i know what i want to do over the summer. i know what i want to do. its just a matter of selecting which one of them i choose to do first. the world is waiting for me, and i’m not too worried about anything else falling into place, cos it seems like it is for now. to think of it, everything is always in place anyway.. its just that some parts move around. its all relative, eh? i guess it’s always just a matter of what you make things to be.. you are, the ambassador to your own world.

i only have one thing to say: hawaiians KNOW how to PARTY.

i haven’t seen anything like it. its amazing. :) now i have a buzzing perpetual headache. who knows what happened last night, now only my camera can tell me. hehehehe. crazy crazy :)