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my sister, brother in law, and niece are flying back to the states today. my other sister already left a few days ago. on the 30th, my parents will go to the states as well, leaving me and my brother behind to frolick freely into the new year… although its honestly more fun when we’re all together. we’re one big happy family!

last night i went out with the comrades. fun times with those kids. stayed out till 5am after a long bout with gin pomelo at makati, and keema at mr. kebab. we were actually at a loss of words that jem, who hasn’t showed up to any of our gigs for the past 5 years, made a cameo appearance.. the ‘mirage’ that he is. well, the boys will be off to tagaytay next week. woohoo!

after browsing around national bookstore last tuesday, i trailed behind gladys on the way out of the store. she started looking for me cos we were about to leave. i don’t know if she’s just really tall or i’m really short or a combination of both, but she turned around facing right in my direction where i was less than 5 feet away and gave this faraway stare.. “where’s lovine?”. uhhh.. gladys i’m right here. look down please. hahaha, classic!

i’m off to tagaytay. this is the first christmas that i haven’t given anything to anyone. but for some reason i they make it sound like i can get away with it – how can i complain? i don’t really mind the gifts, its just nice being around my fam and people who really matter.

family and friends, have a merry merry christmas. :”>

the christmas time bomb is ticking.. i’ve bought nothing for anyone, because i’m a selfish brat. well, not really (yeah shutup). i’d rather use my resources to find something that people would actually find amusing instead of buying something just for the sake of giving it. is it the thought that counts? well it counts when you actually think about it first. hehe.

last friday before lunch with gladys, eggy, and cecile, i found out that people are people opened shop near my building. holy shit. you should’ve seen me, i went straight after work at exactly 5:30, spent an hour trying everything, and blew half of my salary by the time i was done. deadly. i don’t spend much on stuff, but when i do, i go all out and its all over.

gatch, lov, egg, cilelast night i went out with gatch, egg, and cecile. be proud, i opted out of BC’s last gig of the year at makati (also due to the fact that there was a 400 peso minimum consumable charge. boloks. i’ve spent enough as it is). we went to this place called olive bar, and it was sick. the girls were hot, the music was good, and the drinks were free from 10-12. how could you go wrong? – only when you text an underage balikbayan cousin to invite him to go out drinking, when its my aunt who has the phone. oops. dear family, i am not a bad influence nor an alcoholic. amen!

i’ll be gone until wednesday. i’ll be posting pictures for sure when i get back. in a few hours, the sand will get in between my toes, the waves will lap up my feet, and the sun will bathe me in its glory. i can’t wait!!

i have the biggest hangover headache from the company christmas party held at alabang. i didn’t even notice, but i was the last one who left! i won an industrial fan in the raffle, and i’m baffled why i chose the fan over a bottle of johnny walker blue label. oops. oh well.

this has got to be one of the best low profile fridays i’ve ever had. as soon as i stepped out of the office, everything was marvy because i wasn’t expecting too much from my friday. i had lunch with joy- i felt special cos she came by to pick me up even though she still hasn’t showered. gross no? my friends love me. anyway later on that night, i passed by ateneo alone to catch the start of this free concert and ended up watching spongecola and cambio. not bad. i wanted to ask diego mapa if monsterbot still plays, but he packed up and left. kate came to watch also, but i didn’t see her cos i left for a get together at pattie’s house in valle 4.

at first i was thinking twice about going to the dinner, cos apparently all the people going were citibank lunch buddies before i joined citi, and a good number of them had left already. anyway, i had a great time just hanging out at pattie’s amazing house. you know its serious when you have morrocan lamps hanging from a fresco painted ceiling. kathlyn’s used to be my favorite for the longest time, but now this one is a serious contender. the first classy house i’ve been to that’s not just show, but genuinely homey in its entirety. now that’s a combination. its not just about the place though, tonight i really enjoyed the company! now i really wish i worked with them before the shitheads left. damn you.

afterwards i caught up with old friends at eastwood. fun times! i really think jaymee duenas and joey castillo should make a love-team comeback. hear hear.

huh?good morning! denise is visiting from the states. if you want to see the cutest child on earth, visit us! only until christmas, manila friends!

back to normal programming. i try to write these days, but everything just comes out as gibberish. i feel like i’m just dictating random tidbits of trivial day to day nonsense. not that i haven’t been doing that ever since, but i just feel so held back in a way. almost as if my posts are mr. donuts instead of krispy kreme. i read over my entries from loyola, and it was fun reading them, albeit even more fun writing. i guess these are the caveats of being trapped in the citibank building. college had its crazy moments from time to time.. i guess its time to shake things up in the office, hehe.

had lunch with joy and pattie today. funny when they mentioned that their (ex for pat) boyfriends couldn’t study when they fought them. and not like they were in normal school – the poor schmucks are in law. povedans? ohh, trouble. haha ;) kidding. sort of.

i spent the weekend hanging out with old friends and new ones. i went with my bestfriend cyrus to look for pants that would actually fit. we both got girl jeans cos they fit so damn well.. i guess that makes me metrosexual. later on, alexis showed me the ropes of how to get girls to sit on your lap. oh the things you learn from your friends!

the weather is getting really chilly now. i cannot remember when its been this cold in manila.

i just came back from the usual tapika tuesday. its late, i’m tired, and i have work tomorrow. is this what life is about?

what are our reasons?

out of boredom, i decided to compile all my splash screens. i’ll be reviving the filipino baho word list soon, once i workout the form submission. click!

nothing much has been happening. my sister and niece denise are visiting from the states! denise is the cutest ever. she walks now, and its amazing how much effort it takes to become a good mother when you think of it. your kids will just consume you.

on friday i watched mike bene’s gig. this guy seriously needs to get in a studio and lay down some tracks. can my friends be any cooler! they all rock!

you know those slightly awkward moments when there are only two of you waiting for an elevator to arrive at your floor? and it happens that the other person is a girl who’s kinda cute? fine, right. the both of us wait a couple of moments, trying to avoid eye contact, but of course i sneak in a little peek or two to see if she’s really cute. not bad! *ping* an elevator comes, and the both of us get in. i press the 15th, but for some reason it wouldn’t light up, so being stubborn, i keep on pressing it, and then i notice that she’s looking at me like what the fuck are you doing you retard. well not really, but thats what it felt like. and then i realized i AM on the 15th!. oops. so i give her a sheepish grin and shrug my shoulders.

mental constipation. where am i supposed to be headed? ah, i think its the 12th! alas, shes headed there too.. we both get out of the elevator, and she opens the door with her access card, and i realize that i’m on the wrong floor cos “human resources” isn’t etched on the glass like its supposed to be. my face contorts like it always does when i get caught off guard, and blurt out “whoops! excuse me where’s human resources??”.. “oh that’s on the 14th!”.

score! lovine is an idiot and a half!

of course i run into her again later on that day in the elevator, on my way down to steal a little snack at mcdonalds with pattie and francis. i tapped her arm and said “don’t worry i won’t get lost anymore. :)”

oh yeah right. who am i kidding! ;)

my saturday night was terribly exciting. i spent almost 9 hours on my ass working for a client’s website, and i’m only halfway done. yay. pfft. sometimes i wonder if i should question my (sporadic) work ethic, and accuse myself of not working smarter. citibank whore during the weekday, weekends doing freelance design. what i’d give to have my own hours! i like working, but i need to sleep through the mornings dammit! i like being busy.. but i also like not doing jack. i am paul, but sometimes i am lovine.

it’s funny looking at my reflection in the elevator going up to work, all donned up in slacks and leather shoes. it’s a turnaround from my long haired beatnik bum existence a few weeks ago. although i miss my shirt jeans and asics, for some reason i kinda enjoy being dressed up. i think its cos i haven’t dressed up in so long. almost everyone in loyola went around in flip flops. i foresee that i’ll be so sick of the getup in a couple of months, but hey, i guess i’ll just take things as they come.

i’m getting a clearer gist of work, and a lot of things are starting to make sense. jimbo is on leave for two weeks, so we’ve been bugging roy with a shitload of phonecalls just to verify that what i’m doing is right. roy was saying something before he left, something like “the bank won’t crumble into pieces because of your mistakes.” he has a point, although i don’t really want to find out for myself.

i’ve been meeting and hanging out with different people the past few weeks, and its lovely. things are just steady as they are. although i wish i could get more sleep. i like napping. i miss napping. zzzz..